Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Congratulations to Carl Learmond and Emma Fairclough, May's winners of Extra of the Month!
Congratulations Carl! The lovely Carl has been with us since March 2011! He has done all sorts of jobs, from photographic, general extra work all the way to some crackin' walk on 3's and dialogue roles. He recently played the photographer at Carla's wedding for Coronation Street. Carl is on our management actors board, a very talented actor but isn't snobby about work available ‪#‎perfect‬ ! He is polite, always punctual and generally one of our faves! Well done, Carl!
Congrats Emma! I can't believe Emma only joined us at Boss in January this year! Seems like time has shot by and she has done LOADS of jobs! Emma gets picked up on every job we suggest her for. She's got a fab look, a great attitude and a lovely personality, a winning combo! 
Although Emma has only been with us 6 months, she has definitely shown herself to be a stand out artist with her head screwed on which is why we agreed she deserved extra of the month! Wonderful!

The heatwave has definitely been with us this past week guys, remember your 'Boss Bag' for jobs should include a bottle of water, sun tan lotion and a hat if you're outdoors at this time of year. Our poor Richard learnt the hard way and is now nursing a burnt face and neck from checking in on set yesterday!!
Lots of love, Robyn, Rhiannon, Rich and Cath xx

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