Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Five Iconic Extras

At BOSS Casting HQ, we always have our eye on the background, checking on what the extras in every scene get up to. Famous and infamous, here are out top five most iconic extras.

1. Donald Trump,  Home Alone 2: Escape to New York

He doesn't help a lost minor alone in New York...we should have known.

2. Jessie Heiman, 'The Background Nerd'

Photos: Cracked 

He's the go-to guy for the geeky look. Have you spotted him anywhere else? 

3. Robin Williams, Friends 

We'll always remember his totally OTT and fantastic cameo in this episode. 

4. Eddie, Frasier

AKA Moose, earned a total of $10,000 dollars per episode!

5. Clumsy Storm Trooper, Star Wars

Maybe the most well-known extra of all time. Ouch!

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